Phil Me Up is a family-run business. We mainly serve the greater Sacramento area; however, the bay area was our home prior to 2007.

As we looked around Sacramento, we found little to no Filipino restaurants; therefore, we took it upon ourselves to be one. Our ultimate goal is to bring our customers Filipino cuisine that feels like home. It makes no difference if that home is right here in Sacramento or all the way back in the Philippines.



Rochelle is the owner of the business and the matron of the family. She discovered her love for food from watching her dad in the kitchen. Inspired by all his cooking lessons, she took it upon herself to live on his legacy by starting this restaurant business. First things first, she earned her degree in business management in order to prepare. Then, she went on through the process of obtaining both a food manager’s and a food handler’s certificate.


lechong paksiw, pinatisan, & sinigang


Midel is the chef and the patron of the family. He has been cooking ever since the age of eighteen. With over 34 years of experience, he has developed a keen taste for the subtleties of the more minor ingredients of a dish. This keen sense of taste has translated into being able to replicate dishes after only tasting it once or twice. Upon replication comes his ability to then tweak the recipe to his liking thereby making it his own.


bistek, chicken adobo, & nilaga


Rainier is the eldest son of the family. He loves to dabble in the different possibilities for tastes within foods. Oftentimes, he will be the one to sample new concoctions because he is able to get into the minds (or, in this case, taste buds) of the masses.


kare kare, sisig, & sweet spaghetti


Razelle is the sole daughter of the family whom they tend to call “Nique”. She is responsible for keeping up with all of the company’s social media platforms. Her passion for baking is most helpful when customers are looking for something sweet to contrast the savory flavors of our main dishes.


balut, siopao, & dinuguan